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Allow us to introduce you to personalized banking ... as it should be.
 Name    Position  Phone  Location  Email Address
 Aaronson  Frances  Senior Credit Analyst  713-827-2730  Corporate
 Avery  Megan  Lending Assistant  713-827-2702  Corporate
 Bailey  Debbie  Vice President - Deposit & Treasury Services  713-827-2781  NW Houston
 Blanks  Phay  Lobby Services  713-827-2703  Corporate
 Bohannon  Kay  Customer Services & Wire Transfers  713-827-2712  Corporate
 Borrego  Jorge  Vice President - Commercial Lending  713-827-2742  Katy Frwy
 Bristol  Melissa  Assistant Vice President & Branch Manager  713-827-2772  Katy Frwy
 Danik  Thomas  Senior Vice President - Commercial Lending 713-827-2750 Katy LPO
 Dinh  Anne  Vice President - Commercial Lending 713-827-2743  Corporate
 Ellermann  Rose  Lobby Services 713-827-2705  Corporate
 Gage  Allen  Chairman, President & CEO  713-827-2725  Corporate
 Gibbens  Debbie  Credit Administration 713-827-2716  Corporate
 Groendes  Rosalie  Executive Vice President & Cashier  713-827-2711  Corporate
 Haring  Laurie  Vice President - Loan Operation Manager 713-827-2737    Corporate
 Harrison  Teresa  Lobby Services  713-827-2771  Katy Frwy
 Hernandez  Randy  Senior Credit Analyst 713-827-2720   Corporate
 Kovar  Warren  Senior Vice President - Business Development  713-827-2707  Corporate
 Lang  Dan  Executive Vice President - Banking Division Mgr  713-827-2709  Corporate
 Ledbetter  Verenice  Lending Assistant 713-827-2751 Katy LPO
 Lesley  Jack  Credit Administrative - Loan Review  713-827-2733  Corporate
 Lujan  Jennifer  Lobby Services  713-827-2778  Katy Frwy
 Malik  Faryah  Credit Analyst  713-827-2715   Corporate
 Mallette  Michael  Senior Vice President - Commercial Lending  713-827-2734  Corporate
 McCutchen  Jim  Executive Vice President - Chief Credit Officer 713-827-2724   Corporate
 Miller  Alice  Lending Assistant  713-827-2732  Corporate
 Miller  Craig  Senior Vice President - Commercial Lending  713-827-2783  NW Houston
 OBrien  Timothy  Executive Vice President - Chief Financial Officer  713-827-2727  Corporate
 Pena  Angel  Vice President - Commercial & Healthcare Lending  713-827-2774  Katy Frwy
 Pereira  Liz  Loan Operations  713-827-2721  Corporate
 Poindexter  Tina  Vice President - Commercial & Healthcare Lending  713-827-2739  Corporate
 Sherman  Paige  Lobby Services  713-827-2704  Corporate
 Srkala  Juanita  Customer Service 713-827-2701 Corporate
 Steinecke  Nancy  Loan Operations  713-827-2738  Corporate
 Stewart  Margaret  Customer Service  713-827-2713  Corporate
 Sypert  Janet  Lobby Services  713-827-2777  Katy Frwy
 Tooke  Yvonne  Vice President - Operations & Treasury Services  713-827-2714  Corporate
 Van Tassell  Douggie  Administrative Assistant to Executives  713-827-2723  Corporate
 Whatley  Zelda  Vice President - Auditor & Compliance  713-827-2710  Corporate
 Wimberly  Agnes  Lending Assistant  713-827-2780 NW Houston
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