Banking Services

MCB has the complete suite of offerings you would expect from a full service bank. Our team is focused on convenience and customer service that exceeds your expectations – every time.

  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Direct Deposit
  • Stop Payments
  • Auto Transfer
  • Fund Transfers
  • Wire Transfers
  • Official Checks

Contact the experienced MCB team today at (713) 827-2700 to learn more about these banking services.

Safe Deposit Boxes

MCB's safe deposit boxes offer a convenient and secure place to store important documents and other valuable assets. Ask our bankers about the different sizes and options for deposit boxes and have peace of mind knowing valuables, key legal files and other must-have documents are securely stored in the bank's vault each night.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit services from MCB save you time and money on several fronts.

  1. You no longer need to devote time issuing paper checks when making payroll. Experience the immediate cost savings of not having to regularly purchase more paper checks.
  2. Your employees are happier and more productive knowing their paycheck has been instantly and securely deposited into their account each pay period. You can still arrange for them to receive a paystub showing their total payment, taxes and other withholdings.
  3. Your business will no longer experience a productivity drain on paydays when every employee must leave the office and drive to a bank to deposit their check. Gone are the days of having to issue stop payments and replace lost paper paychecks.

Stop Payments

Even in the digital age, paper checks are still occasionally needed to conduct a transaction and sometimes these checks get lost or stolen. Other times a check may need to be cancelled due to non-delivery or non-provision of product or services from a vendor. MCB makes issuing a stop payment on a check quick and easy for you.


Auto Transfer allows you to automatically transfer money from one account to another on a reoccurring basis. This tool can facilitate building your savings by routinely transferring funds into a savings account each pay period.

Fund Transfers

MCB understands that for many customers their business and personal finances are often interrelated and allows for the transfer of business funds to personal accounts or for transfer from a personal account to a business account.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers offer an efficient method of transferring funds between a MCB account and accounts at other banks. Transactions are paperless and allow for instant electronic debit from the account balance and real time transfer of funds.

Both domestic and international wire transfers can be initiated online or with the help of bank staff.

Cashier's Checks

Occasionally a cashier's check is needed for certain transactions where the recipient of the check will know in advance it will clear the bank from which it was issued. Give the person accepting the check confidence in receiving full payment prior to making the deposit for important major purchases. Stop by the MCB lobby and our bankers will be happy to assist you with issuing cashier's checks.

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